"Degree Days Online is a family owned and operated business.  Our family has been in the Fuel Oil Delivery Business since 1955.   We have been offering DDO for about 5 seasons now and are developing a loyal customer base by offering easy to use software and great customer service.   We like to say that we don't only sell software, we sell service ... "

Stephen Hill - CIO-DDO

"As a small heating oil company, Degree Days Online has been instrumental in helping our business run smoothly and efficiently.  DDO allows us to focus on growing our business rather than wasting time on manual tasks such as writing out tickets.   Plus, the guys are always there for us any time we have a question or concern. I couldn't be happier with our business partnership!"

                                Mike Patrick and Donna Chauvin - Partners, Nathan's Oil, Inc.

"Well our entire office is currently remote, except for me....Thank God for DDO they can work from home and I can print tickets from here! Lets see B___ C__w do that. "

                                Kim Mccrady - Colonial Oil, Inc.

Degree Days Online, LLC.

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